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In-Laws and Estate Planning

“Well, that was a son-in-law.” So exclaimed my golf playing partner immediately after he drove his tee shot off the first tee right into the trees, resulting in a penalty stroke. “What do you mean,” I asked my friend, what does that errant golf shot have to do with a son-in-law? “Not what I had […]

Trustee Selection

In the first round of the 2019 NFL draft, the Minnesota Vikings select…… On April 25th, NFL fans will be interested observers of the annual amateur draft.  Will the Vikings select an offensive lineman, a receiver or a kicker? The longevity of an NFL general manager is based, in part, on his success in making […]

Helping Grieving Families

In my practice in administering trusts and estates, I have the honor to work with widows and widowers grieving the death of a spouse as well as children and grandchildren grieving the loss of a parent or grandparent.  Through my own experience of losing my son Micah in 2009, I know firsthand about grief and […]